Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Families of St. Anne’s Catholic Secondary School,

Welcome to St. Anne’s CSS!  We invite you to SOAR with us!

This year’s school theme “Walking Together” invites us to support one another as a community. We are called to nurture and share our time and talents in order to live life to the fullest, becoming all that God is calling us to be.

Our school community hails a strong reputation for academic excellence, marked by faith, collaboration, dedication and a strong sense of acceptance.  We are very proud of our history of providing high quality Catholic secondary education in Huron County.  With St. Anne as our Patron, we are deeply grounded in the rich traditions of the Catholic faith community and ever reminded of our interconnectedness with our family members, particularly all those who have come before us; generation to generation. St Anne has a very special place in the hearts and minds of the Holy Family, the Church, and indeed all of us who strive to live a life as Anne did – one filled with love, faith, hope and service.  Our Patron Saint provides a role model for staff and students alike.

At St. Anne’s CSS, we refer to ourselves as “The Eagles” and reference the lyrics of a very familiar song “On Eagles Wings”. These words are based on the scriptural passage by the Prophet Isaiah (Chapter 40: Verse 31); providing an image of one being lifted up on the wings of an Eagle or an Angel.  This reminds us that it is God who carries us as we journey together through life.  We place our trust in God and we believe, as the song says:

He will raise you up, on eagle’s wings.
Bear you on the breath of dawn.
Make you to shine like the sun.
And hold you in the palm of His hand.
                                                           Song Credit – Michael Joncas

The outstanding team of staff members at St. Anne’s CSS truly care about each and every student’s well-being.  Time and again, we receive compliments and gratitude for the many ways in which our school community reaches out to help and support students, families and communities both within and without our area.

St. Anne’s CSS is an incredibly special place and it is a privilege and honour to serve as your Principal.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or to learn more about our school.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless!  Let us “soar on eagle’s wings” (Isaiah 40:31)

Ms. Karen Tigani, Principal